Case Study: ACG

Lineup™ helps New York association for middle market deal-making professionals save time when managing their volunteers and committees

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The executive director of a premier association representing more than 1,000 middle market deal-making professionals, has successfully grown the number of events they held annually from nine to 70. These events are the lifeblood of the organization. Not only do they provide enriching industry content and knowledge, but they also are a key way for attendees to network and develop deal flow.

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Volunteers are the foundation of this association. Members chair or serve on many of the event planning committees. As the number of annual events increased, it became more and more time consuming to manage the application and placement process. Sometimes there were as many as 30 revisions to the spreadsheets used to route and re-route rosters for review and approval.

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The executive director learned about lineup at an industry luncheon and signed up for a free trial. After using for a few months, he and his team found it simplified their processes and saved time. It also alleviated many of the headaches associated with the back and forth review of spreadsheets. Overall, they were pleased with their experience and recommend lineup for other associations that manage large numbers of volunteers and/or committees.