Case Study: NAAB

Lineup™ helps nonprofit accrediting organization efficiently organize information about their volunteers and identify overlaps

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In 2018, the organization that accredits professional degrees in architecture at U.S. educational institutions was looking for a new volunteer management system to help them curate teams for onsite visits. During the course of a year, approximately 350 volunteers visit 35 schools to evaluate each institution's educational quality assurance standards toward enhancing the value, relevance and effectiveness of the architectural profession.

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Visiting accreditation teams are comprised solely of volunteers. Many variables were considered in placing volunteers on teams—region, experience level, past schools visited, alumni status and gender. The curation process was manual. Detailed information about each volunteer, including historic data about their participation on previous teams, was not formally documented.

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After using lineup for one year, they found it was a great way to capture and archive detailed information about each volunteer. This helped them build in accountability, as well as identify critical overlaps so they could place the right people on the right teams. Overall, their experience was very positive and they would recommend lineup to other organizations. Customer Support was friendly and helpful, and the system was intuitive and easy to use.