Alpine and Lineup Announce Plan for Integration

New technical cooperation will facilitate Subject Matter Expert (SME) recruitment and management

WASHINGTON, DC – November 5, 2018 – Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc., a leader in psychometric services, test development, and credential management technology, announced a planned integration between its CertMetrics™ Credential Management Technology and Lineup’s new online workspace for curating, managing, and evaluating diverse teams.

The Alpine-Lineup planned integration is a direct response to testing programs’ need to recruit, evaluate, and manage qualified subject matter experts (SMEs) to facilitate high quality test development.  “Recruiting and managing SMEs has often proved to be a difficult task for testing programs,” said Blair Harris, Vice President of Technology for Alpine. “CertMetrics is an intuitive candidate management technology that makes it easy for qualified candidates to opt-in to and notify testing programs of their interest in participation as a SME. With the Alpine-Lineup integration, this information can be leveraged by Lineup to create a pool of SMEs that programs can curate, evaluate, and utilize in test development activities.” Harris added, “Lineup is an innovative platform that allows testing programs to easily review SME demographics, skills, and certifications to select the most appropriate and accomplished individuals, which is essential for high quality test creation.”

“In order for credentialing programs to target a potential SME pool, an integrated strategy is required with platforms like CertMetrics, which manages appropriate criteria and provides a venue for opting-in to and participating in a SME group.  CertMetrics produces trusted, accurate information that Lineup receives to create a SME profile,” added Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, Chief Innovation Officer for Lineup. “Through this collaboration, potential SME candidates are identified in CertMetrics and are offered the option to participate in test development and offer their expertise, helping credential programs identify the most qualified SMEs. This strategic integration will add great value to our shared clients and provide an avenue for valuable candidate outreach.”

About Alpine Testing Solutions

Alpine Testing Solutions (Alpine) provides program design, test development, psychometric consultation, analysis, and technology solutions services for licensure, professional certification, and educational testing programs. Alpine focuses on applying industry standards and best practices resulting in practical solutions that enable test sponsors to build, maintain, and continuously improve testing programs. Our staff specializes in psychometric consultation in the context of applicable policy and program design, evaluating and auditing programs, developing validation frameworks, conducting test development and validation projects (e.g., job analysis, blueprint development, item development, item and form analysis, standard setting, equating, security analysis), and technology services for credential management (e.g., eligibility, maintenance) of small- and large-scale testing programs.  For additional information please visit:

About Lineup

Lineup is a new, online workspace for curating, managing and evaluating diverse teams. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that captures and sorts information about a talent pool.  It enables testing programs to build stronger, more productive collaborations by evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and general characteristics and effectively select the right mix of talent needed to maximize engagement and productivity.  For additional information please visit:

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