Release Notes - 10/15/2018


  • We’ve updated the default avatars. You no longer see simple gray circles, but now simple gray circles with a lineup avatar outline!

  • Added a Feedback widget, so you can now submit feedback and open technical tickets directly from lineup

  • Added a link to the release notes to the app (maybe you followed that link here just moments ago!)

  • Launched multi-tenancy, which will make it easier to onboard and support even more of you wonderful customers.

  • In anticipation of that, we’ve updated both the login screen and the bulk upload screen, to help guide new users through our app.


  • Updated the login flow to make it more obvious how to log into lineup

  • Fixed scrolling bug in Firefox

  • Fixed callback bug in Firefox

  • Fixed bug where evaluation stars were displaying incorrectly within the Evaluations tab

  • Reordered the person details expansions, putting "Notes" and "Documents" at the bottom, and "Details" at the top

  • Lightened the person card hover color so that the tags didn't match the hover color

  • Fixed alignment issues on tags