Release Notes - 4/12/2018


  • Our Team Page has been completely redesigned

    • “Teams” now displays a list of all your teams, along with relevant information:

      • Number of seats on the team, along with how many have been filled

      • Last time the team was updated

      • Start and end dates (new!)

      • Sort on any of these columns

      • Search for the team you’re looking for!

  • Left and right bars are now responsive!

  • Export team roster to .csv. Click on the gear icon in the top-right of any team and select “Export Team”

  • New filters:

    • Narrow searches by tags, gender, and race


  • Pressing enter while creating a new team no longer causes an error

  • Enhanced the interface when adding new tags

  • Fixed bug when deleting teams

  • When adding a team, it correctly navigates to the new team

  • Fixed the date range in the header, when displaying start and end dates of a team

  • Fixed case insensitivity when searching

  • Added support for line breaks in team descriptions