Release Notes - 7/5/2018


  • Talent can now be added to your talent pool directly!

    • On the Talent Search page, click the “+ Talent” button in the top-right, and enter all the relevant information

    • That person will now be available to add to your teams, right away!

  • Historical Teams

    • You can now add older, “historical” teams to a talent’s Team Experience drawer, even if that team wasn’t created in Lineup

    • Simply open the Team Experience drawer, find the “Add Historical Team” button at the bottom, and enter the relevant fields

    • These teams will be taken into account with the total team counts

  • Now you can filter people by a minimum and maximum number of teams that they have served on (including historical teams)


  • Search display bug fixed

  • UI updates on team search

  • Large numbers now supported

  • Updated Team History UI

  • Fixes to the way responsiveness of the filters side bar