Release Notes - 1/17/2019

Find that right person for your team, no matter what your criteria

Search filters

Not only can lineup capture all the information and variables and details special to your organization, but you can now sort through your database, looking for just the right fit for your upcoming team (pro tip: don’t trust the ones who don’t like ice cream).

Active teams are the new overlaps

Active teams

It’s important to understand who is serving on too many teams. You don’t want to overcommit your hardworking volunteers and SMEs and risk burnout. We used to call out “overlaps,” but that was just confusing.

active teams drawer

Enter: “Active Teams.” This new (blue) badge will show how many active teams your potential team members are on. Want to know what those teams are? Just open the team experience tab and you’ll find all active teams neatly labeled. Want to know more? Easily navigate to that team right from the panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Security headers are now more secure

  • Other technical fixes behind the scenes