Release Notes - 4/25/2019

New: We now support a view-only roles

Not all users of lineup should be able to do all of the things. Some people just need to be aware of your teams and your talent, but don’t need to be doing the work of team creation and talent management. Understanding this, we’ve created a new, view-only type of user. They will be able to log in, view teams, and browse talent, but cannot take actions beyond that.

New: Export directly from the talent search

Export all results

Your data is your data. Lineup makes it easier than ever to get access to it. Simply filter your talent however you’d like, select “Bulk actions” and export a CSV of the results.

New: evaluation filter

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 5.10.12 PM.png

Lineup helps you find the right talent for your teams. Now that we've launched evaluations, you’ll want to be able to filter out all but your highest performers. Find the filters above under the “Evaluation” tab on the filters menu.

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • You can now delete documents

  • Moved the position details (the 2/7 picked) right into the picking menu

  • We’ve normalized gender across the application (including a non-binary option)

  • We now support full addresses (street and zip code)

  • Total number of teams now appears when exporting your talent

  • Archived teams can no longer be updated by clicking their name

  • Fixed filter: “Not on this team”

  • Fixed state dropdown

  • Unknown and non-binary genders hidden unless values are entered

  • Other technical efficiencies added

  • Fixed styling of team-specific charts