Release Notes - 6/6/2019

New application enhancements

View application responses

Application details

We keep a record of each application someone completes, found right in their details. Review current, as well as all past, applications.

Add custom application questions

Applications aren’t just for updating someone’s profile information. Sometimes, you need to fill in gaps to understand who’s the right fit for a given team. Lineup now supports those custom questions.

New filter tab for application

Application filter

Finally, you need to be able to filter down to those volunteers, SMEs, or other talent so you know who’s actually completed the application. Do that with our new filter. Pick from the list. It’s as simple as that.

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Enhancements to searching and filtering to speed up load times

  • You can now sort by first name

  • We can now toggle off charts that you don’t wish to see

  • We now support Canadian and other non-U.S. addresses