Release Notes - August 1, 2019

New: Customize your email language when sending out an application

Recruitment is an important part of finding the right volunteers or subject matter experts. Getting your message just right is critical to building a successful team. We understand that. We hear it. And we’re now going to do something about it.

Starting with this release, right now, you can customize the subject line and content of the emails that go out with your applications and surveys.

This is just the first step. Look for further customizations in the future.


New Feature: Archive your talent

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you need to remove your volunteers and SMEs from your talent pool. You may also not want to lose all the valuable history that that person brought to his or her teams.

Now, you can simply “archive” the person. Similar to archiving teams, the archived talent will not show up in your search results going forward, but you’ll still keep all that rich data from the past.

Need to find them again? Just toggle on over the Archived Talent on any search page, just as you would your teams. Easy peasy.

Bug fixes/update

  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented you from picking someone to a team

  • The dashboard will now only show active talent

  • Application is now more mobile friendly

  • Talent on teams is now listed alphabetically

  • Enhancement to searching and filtering (things should feel zippier!)

  • Emails on the application are now not editable