Release Notes - 9/13/2019

Don’t worry, Lineup’s Friday the 13th release is far from spooky, although we did chase away some creepy crawlies (bugs… get it?). First up, though, a new thing:

New: Status Overrides!

Status Override

Sometimes, you get someone who’s accepted an invitation to a team, but something comes up and they can’t make it. They’ve “accepted” in lineup, but now you need to set them to decline. Well, now you can do it right from the interface (provided you are an admin).

Just click on the status itself (Picked, Invited, Accepted, or Declined) and you’ll get a handy drop-down that will let you override the status and set it to whatever you want.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Setting someone to “Accepted” doesn’t necessarily mean that they have accepted (and the definitely never agreed to those things you wanted them to agree to).

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • We’ve removed the character limit on team descriptions because sometimes, you just need to say a lot

  • Logos have all been updated

  • Default application is no longer a thing. If you need something that’s asking just the basic information, we can set that up for you

  • Evaluation question styling now matches the custom fields cards

  • Some API goodness