Release Notes - 9/27/2019

New: Legal Disclaimer Enhancements

download disclaimer.png

You can now include a PDF copy of your Non-disclosure agreements or your Conflict of Interest statements, or any legal disclaimer that you’re asking your volunteers or SMEs to agree to.

Disclaimer record

Additionally, it’s easier than ever to track if and when someone on your team has acknowledged those disclaimers. All you need to do it click on anyone who’s accepted a team invitation and you’ll see the most up-to-date information.

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • You can now filter by country, in addition to city and state

  • Documents now show the date and time that they were uploaded

  • Applications can now be closed

  • Applications, team invitations, and evaluations now feature a more neutral palette (gone is the lineup purple)

  • Filtering and data loading enhancements