curate diverse workgroups

Are you a test publisher who wants to better engage your subject matter experts and improve the quality of your test items? Curating diverse collaborations will help increase SME satisfaction and productivity. Here’s how lineup can help.


easy bulk imports and recordkeeping

Use lineup’s downloadable template to easily format and import your SME data. Organize and update their information online and centralize recordkeeping for email notifications and uploaded documents like professional certificates and CVs.


filtering on talent characteristics

Review information about your SMEs and filter on specific characteristics, such as location or subject matter expertise, to curate your workgroup. Select the right combination of experts for each where they’ll be the most engaged and produce the highest quality test items.


360 evaluations

Capture information about each SME’s performance using a starred feedback and rating system. Document their strengths and weaknesses so you know where they provide the most value and can easily identify emerging leaders.