Start by clicking “Talent”

From the Talent page, click the purple “+ TALENT” button directly above the search box.

Notice you have the option to import talent individually or in bulk. Use “Add a person” if you want to add your talent one-by-one.

This tutorial will show you what happens when you click “Import in bulk.”


Download our CSV template

Click the big, white box with the CSV icon inside of it.

Want to prepare your list while you wait for your lineup site? Download the template now and start to work.


Fill out the CSV template


  • Make sure you don’t change the order of the columns

  • Make sure that you give everyone a first name, last name, and email address. Those three things are required.

  • Miscellaneous information that you want to capture about your talent can be added to the “Tags” column. Just make sure to separate each tag with a comma


Upload your CSV list

Do this by clicking the “Upload CSV” button, then “Next.”

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to review your list before uploading.


Review your list

If something went wrong and some of your fields are not filled in correctly, we’ll let you know. You can always back out, correct the changes on the CSV template, and click “Upload a new CSV.”

We will not upload your new talent until you tell us that it’s okay and click “Complete Import.”


And you’re done! All your new talent, including all the information that you wanted to import, will now be available to you in the Talent Search, and ready to go into your teams!