build better teams

Lineup is a new, online workspace for curating, managing and evaluating diverse teams. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that captures and sorts information about your talent pool enabling you to build stronger, more productive collaborations.


selecting the right mix of talent really does matter


Lineup is an easy way to capture and organize information about your talent pool. The more you know about their strengths, weaknesses and general characteristics, the more effective you will be at selecting the right mix of talent needed to maximize engagement and productivity.


curate your teams

Lineup makes it easy to create diverse teams. Capture the skills of your talent pool. Set up each team the way you want, add and change positions on the fly. Pick the right people for the roles where they'll perform the best.


manage your teams

Lineup helps you manage your teams from concept to evaluation. Send notifications to team members, upload relevant files and document notes all in one, easily-accessible place.


evaluate your teams

Lineup tracks each team member’s performance using a starred feedback and rating system. Understand their strengths and weaknesses so you can identify emerging leaders and see where they provide the most value.